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About Centre for Research in Existence and Society  

The purpose of the centre

The centre forms the setting for a variety of scientific projects. Research includes subjects in relation to social work, health, existential problems, scientific sociology-research and social psychology in school age.

There is an obvious differentiation between the subjects mentioned above, but the projects are closely linked together because of a common interests in human behaviour, in the conditions of human existence in modern society, and a predominantly social-phenomenological approach. Hence follows the name of the centre, which reflects the focus on the connection between existential problems and social conditions. The projects are performed both at The Institute of Sociology, and as frame-projects coordinated with other institutes from university institutes : Psychology, Anthropology and Public Health at University of Copenhagen, Psychology at Roskilde University Centre (RUC), with the Centre for Cultural Research at University of Aarhus and The Danish University of Education (DPU).

The centre was founded in 1996 with the name "Centre for Humanistic Research in health and ageing", due to the main research on health and ageing.

Head of centre : Bo Jacobsen