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Research in the effects and effectiveness of alternative treatment

In 2006-08 the research has focus on reflexology, acupuncture and mindfulness meditation. The following 4 major studies have been initiated:

  1. Theoretical and empirical studies of the 3 alternative treatments, consisting of 5
    minor studies : 1) The relation between the concepts of conventional and
    alternative treatment. 2) The theory of the effects on the immune-system from
    alternative treatment 3) Phenomenological research of the effects from the three
    forms of alternative treatment, and development of a questionnaire that can
    monitor effect from the treatments 4) Test of blood-samples and the effects on
    the immune-system from alternative treatment 5) CAM and placebo
  2. The effect of alternative treatments on the development of cervical cancer
  3. Can complementary treatment reduce side-effects from chemotherapy?
  4. A comparative study of conventional and alternative treatment at two specialized
    hospitals that offer extensive expertise in Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation

Religion in the 21 century

In 2005-06 the centre is at the first stage in developing a researchunit with international aim. Plans of research in three areas have been made. Activities in two of these areas have recently been initiated:

  1. Medical and psychological research of religiously oriented attempts of health improvement (health effort through religious conception and influence).
  2. Research in the altruism and the egoism of everyday life plus the selfishness and the wickedness of everyday life, both views seen in a religious perspective